Ailidh Forlan takes down the Graham's Family Dairy 'Grilled Cheese Challenge'!

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by Ailidh Forlan - AKA Miss Piggy Eats

2017 has been full of disappointments; Trump, Brexit, the realisation that I’ll never achieve my dream bikini bod…. just to name a few. But TODAY, April 12th, was an exception

You may have heard about it on the streets of the UK. Faint whispers wafting through the breeze of this mighty fine Spring day, echoing through the streets and putting smiles on strangers’ faces….

grilled cheese, grilled cheese, grilled cheeeeeeeeeeese – murmurs everywhere.

That’s right folks, if you didn’t already know, today is National Grilled Cheese Day. In some communities, this is taken more seriously than Christmas. Realistically it should be marked by a public holiday -  or at least a minute of silence - for god’s sake!

Out of pure respect for this virtuous occasion I headed to Meltmongers, Bruntsfield’s cheese toastie café where dreams become reality, to take part in Graham’s Grilled Cheese Challenge.



If you’re thinking who’s Graham? Well pal, Graham come in all forms. A comforting force in one’s life some may say; something to pick you up when you’re down and help you to become the best version of YOU.


This isn’t Graham.

‘Graham’, of course, refers to Graham’s Family Dairy.  And as for that comforting force? Well that’s clearly their famous Scottish cheddar.

The challenge, available from 9-4pm in both Meltmongers and Nic’s NYC Deli in Glasgow, is to eat this epic 8-layer stack of utter cheesey perfection… and the fastest time across both sites would win a year’s supply of Graham’s Cheese, or if not, pay £19.95 for the attempt. I mean, come on, that’s worth the risk!

Behold the all mighty, all powerful, GRAHAM’S CHEESE STACK:


Let me talk you through it…

Three types of Graham’s cheddar; mild, mature and extra mature (if you ever wondered where the world ‘mmm’ came from – now you know). Then there’s the MEAT: bacon, BBQ pulled pork (a personal favourite), chicken and honey roast ham. Oh, and everything else… pickled gerkins, cranberry sauce and caramelised onions. In fact, maybe it would have been quicker to say what wasn’t in the toastie!

My favourite layer: BBQ pulled pork, with bacon then chicken underneath.

This tower of oozing bliss measured a solid 25cm and weighed… well actually not that much thanks to Meltmonger’s light and fluffy freshly baked sourdough bread…  but still, nothing a hungry girl on her lunch break can’t handle!

How about a close up…

In less than 10 minutes later, not a crust in sight.

Quite simply, I CAME. I SAW. I CONQUERED.


Ok, *Sigh*

Small confession, I shared it. I shared it with someone else. I’m ashamed… BUT, I can say that I did polish off my half pretty darn quickly!

The record [at 2:00pm] was 15 minutes for the ENTIRE stack, across both Meltmongers and Nic’s NYC DELI.

I’m looking forward to finding out who won the challenge, and then of course I’ll befriend them… no one can seriously eat a year’s supply of cheese alone?! I’ll be very happy to help out now and again.

So folks, there’s been many disappointing days of 2017 so far, but I can categorically say that today was not one of them. Graham’s Grilled Cheese Stack lived up to expectations, it was simply a work of art.

I’ll always remember Wednesday the 12th of April fondly, and I CANNOT WAIT to give it another crack next year!

Now off to loosen my belt, lie down, and digest…. WHAT A FEAST!


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